Flow Control Valves

Philly-Flo Combination Flow Control and Check Valve

  • Precision engineered to control pump speed
  • Choose an air operated or electrically operated combination
  • Includes a two-inch angle valve of sturdy aluminum
  • Viton “O” rings and a Teflon™ poppet seat
  • Designed for commercial tank trucks
Flow Control 2023 large
Part Number
Olympic Philly Flo Valve – Electric
Electric Conversion Kit Inner Body Assembly
Angle Check Valve – 2” x Victaulic
Olympic Philly Flo Valve – Air
Air Conversion Kit Inner Body Assembly
Valve Assembly
Air Switch and Fitting
Air Actuator, 1 inch stroke
Air Actuator, 3 inch stroke
Bleed Valve Assembly
Body – 2” Grooved Outlet
Switch Housing – Air
Main Spring
Body Screws – Set of 4
Snap Ring for Switch Rod
Cable outer Case
Cable Inner Core S/S
Air Cylinder 1”
Air Cylinder 3”
Cover for A1995
Electric Cover, Gasket and Screws
Electric Switch Housing
Electric Switch and Hardware
Electric Wire Strain Relief
Seal Kit Viton – Includes Following Parts:
O-Ring, Qty 1
O-Ring, Qty 1
6-32 x 1/4 Screw, Qty 2
Snap Ring fro Switch Rod, Qty 1
Brass Washer, Qty 1
O-Ring, Qty 1


  • 2″ Angle Valve of Sturdy Aluminum 
  • Viton “O” Rings 
  • Teflon™ Poppet Seat


  • 2” Female Inlet x 2” Grooved Outlet


  • Cast Aluminum Body

  • Viton Poppet Seal

  • A1998 Valve Assemlby
  • A1999 Seal Kit Viton
  • A2000 Air Switch & Fitting
  • 1900 Body – 2 Inch Grooved Outlet
  • 1901 Switch Housing – Air
  • 1917 Main Spring
  • 1922 Body Screws, Set of 4
  • 1928 Snap Ring for Switch Rod
  • 1933 Cover for A1995
  • 1954 Main Spring

Our flow control check valves are specially engineered to control pump speed. Our valves allow you to set your desired pumping speed while meeting the required weight and measurement standards. These valves can be operated electronically or by air.

Flow Control 2023

What is the difference between flow control valve, check valve and angle check valve?

Flow control valves refer to a wide variety of valves that are used for safety and improved user experience. Specifically, check valves are used to prevent liquid from flowing in the reverse direction within a piping system. When the liquid is flowing in the correct direction, then the check valve remains open. The valve closes if the liquid begins to flow in the reverse direction.  A further specified version of a check valve is called an angle check valve. Our angle check valves are designed for commercial tank trucks to maintain prime on suction fuel lines. 

Foam-Free Tubes

We also provide foam-free tubes that are portable tubes for filling outside tanks, which reduces foam and sediment buildup. These features are proven to fill tanks completely!

  • Portable tubes for filling outside tanks
  • Reduce foam and sediment buildup
  • Fill tanks completely!
foam tubes
Part Number
#SC 275
1-1/2” Thread with 3315 OEM Adapter
#TS 275
1-1/2” Thread with 2150 M TSF Adapter
#275 – 1-1/4”
1-1/4” Thread – no adapter
#275 – 1-1/2”
1-1/2” Thread – no adapter
#275 – 2”
2” Thread – no adapter
#NC 275 O
Portable tank tube with brass connector and OEM adapter
#NC 275 T
Portable tank tube with brass connector and TSF adapter
#NP 275 O
Portable tank tube with nozzle plug and OEM adapter
  • Available in brass, aluminum, or with an OEM adapter
  • Sizes include 1¼ inch and 1½ inch NPT (national pipe thread)
foam tubes

Order Flow Control Valves & Foam-Free Tubes from Philly Nozzle

We only make use of the best materials and manufacturing standards. All of our work is done in-house to ensure the highest quality products. Our product line includes angle check valves, combination flow control valves, and check valves.