About Us


Starting back in Philadelphia in 1978, Philly Nozzle has provided high quality products to leading local and national petroleum handling equipment distributors. As a division of Crystal Metal Products, we have the expertise and industry connections to provide your business with the correct hardware and support in a timely fashion.

In 2020, new management relocated the company to the suburbs of Philladelphia. We moved into a state of the art 85,000 square foot facility featuring upgrades to CNC, fabrication and inspection equipment as well as improvements made to the manufacturing process. With these improvements, it allows us the cabaility to place more inventory on the shelf; allowing for quicker deliverys. We understand that emergencies happen. By keeping the manufacturing in house we are prepared to service the needs of our customers immediately and efficiently.

Our service and support staff are ready and available to assist with any questions; from our standard product line to custom turnkey projects. We strive ourselves on providing high quality products with the shortest lead times in the industry.

Our product lines include Philly ball valve delivery nozzles, hose swivels, whistle fill pipes, angle check valves, combination flow control valves and check valves. Our valves allow you to set your desired pumping speed while meeting the required weight and measurement standards. All of our work is done in-house to ensure the highest quality product. We only make use of the best materials and manufacturing standards. We offer more than 20 different models of Philly ball valve nozzles that are used with all types of petroleum products. We also offer different sizes of fill pipes suitable in filling deep tank applications. Our company supplies flow control check valves that are specially engineered to control pump speed. These valves can be operated electronically or by air. Our service area includes the United States as well as Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa. All European Union countries are welcome as new distributors.